Here at Allett we are hugely proud to be a British manufacturer of professional cylinder mowers and of our homeowner mower range. We are looking for potential Allett Mowers Dealers who recognise what it takes to create a beautifully striped lawn and that its not just about cutting the grass. Our customers are passionate about their lawns and we need passionate dealers in return to give the customer the best possible service.

You might want to stock and display our Home-owner range to show the discerning customer that you are a serious dealer stocking a full range of the best mowers available on the market.

You might want to join Allett mowers in supplying local and international sports clubs who require professional service back-up so that they can produce the best sports surfaces possible. At Allett we have high levels of expertise which we”™re happy to share with our dealers if required so that we can get the right product for your customer.

If you feel you are able to offer the above attributes and the best support to potential Allett customers than simply fill out the form below or contact Allett at [email protected] . You can even phone the Head Office on 01889 271503 – Professional/Sports range and Domestic/Home Owner ranges available.

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