27” Sorrel Roller

It’s important to use a 27” Sorrel Roller on your pitches semi regularly to allow aeration of the pitch.

The Sorrel Roller causes minimum disturbance to the soil for aeration purposes, with round hole penetration rather than slot. This is ideally carried out before fertilising as this allows a better route to the soil.  The multi tooth drum will penetrate the surface of the pitch so that surface compaction is relieved – an important process, as this allows air and nutrients to pass easily through to get to the root layer.

Sorrel rolling is ideal for fine turf and sports pitches, such as cricket pitches, bowling pitches and tennis courts and is beneficial as opposed to merely piercing the soil, as the small incorporated roller irons out any bumps and keeps the pitch in optimal condition.

The sorrel roller pushes hundreds of small holes into the surface of the turf quickly. Roots need air. It’s important to use the Sorrel roller on your playing surfaces regularly, especially on the high-traffic and wear areas to allow aeration of the soil caused by compaction. This is ideally carried out before fertilising as this allows a quicker route to the soil.

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