Buffalo 27 8-Bladed Reel Mower

  • A great all-round cylinder mower in the Allett range
  • GX120/GX160 engine
  • 200mm (8in) diameter cutting cylinder with 8 blades – can cope with wet conditions
  • Height of cut adjustable from 10mm-40mm (0.4in to 1.5in)

The Buffalo truly is the great ‘all-rounder’ in the Allett lineup, capable of producing a first-class finish across a wide range of grass types and mowing conditions, even wet conditions. Choose the Buffalo 20, 24 or 27 for regular mowing of ornamental grass in public and private parks and gardens. Combining a wide cut with low weight, the Buffalo machines are ideal for maintaining larger, sensitive areas such as sports grounds and prestige lawns and can be seen mowing the pitches at grassroots level to some of the world’s biggest clubs. Engineered to operate effectively at low engine speeds the Buffalo delivers low fuel consumption, noise levels and vibration.

Key features of all Buffalo Mowers include:

Wheel kit comprising two wheels and two anti-scalp rollers fitted in place of the rear roller and front roller respectively. The result is a rear-discharge cylinder mower capable of working in a wide range of grass lengths and conditions. Speed reduction kit. Optional trailing seat (Buffalo 34). Each mower’s cutting cylinder has a 200mm (8in) diameter with 8 blades, and an adjustable cutting height from 10mm-40mm.

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