Spring is here and it’s time for Spring Cleaning!

It’s the time of year when you are likely putting your landscape back in order from a long winter. Removing the last of the leaves and debris, re-mulching beds and planning or planting annual color.  You have most likely already began waking up your turf with a feeding and maybe even mowed it for the first few times.  But unless you are already an Allett user, one very important cultural practice you may not have adopted yet is the practice of removing the thatch build up from your turf.   There have been a number of videos published over the past several weeks showing the Allett “De-Thatcher/Turf Rake” accessory removing thatch and just maybe, you have wonder what all the fuss is about.  Well here is the answer.

heavy thatch layer captures and prevents much of the water and applied fertilizer from reaching the actual soil profile.  Therefore, the turf’s roots system will be happy remaining shallow feeding off the moisture and nutrients captured in the thatch.  With the thatch layer removed, water and nutrients can more easily enter the soil profile encouraging the turf’s root system to go deeper to access it.

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